When you get married, it's meant to be forever, and each partnering is completely unique. So, when searching and searching for wedding rings for our own upcoming wedding why did we keep seeing the same non-unique designs? Ah, yes, in every glass case, more and more soul-less wedding bands that looked machine-made. Where was the uniqueness? None of the rings I saw were mine.  None were meant for me.  I had almost given up and settled which ironically is the very thing I would never do in a relationship. Was I going to have to settle on a ring to symbolize my marriage? I thought so until we stumbled upon the beautiful work and craftsmanship of Wes & Gold. This was it! Yes, these were our rings.

I've been fortunate enough to wear my ring for the past seven years. It is so light (titanium and stainless steel), but so strong...just as a great relationship should be. It looks as good as the day I bought it for my wedding seven years ago. So, when I inherited a loose diamond from a beloved relative it seemed only appropriate to have the stone added to the Wes & Gold wedding ring I love so much. From the first inquiry email, Christine and Wes guided me through the process, assured me, expressed enthusiasm, and made me confident to take off my wedding ring and send it to them miles away. Today, less than three weeks later, I received my ring more unique, more personal than ever.

I can't thank Wes & Gold enough for the immense creativity, engineering and customer service they offer to me and I'm sure countless others. I'll have my eye on another ring in my future from them. Not for a new marriage, but because their designs are just what I would want to be in life:  Strong, unique, and beautiful.

If you are looking for rings to symbolize your unique partnership I highly recommend you check out Wes & Gold. Let your special day...your special love, be symbolized by something truly special. If you're single, don't worry. You're special, too. Treat yourself. Go! What are you waiting for, an engraved invitation?

Ken D.

Ken's ring