Sizing Basics

Our sizing is in ¼ size increments. When we receive your order, perhaps the most important single feature is your ring size. Due to the nature of most of our designs, the rings can not be resized so you will need to review the following sizing issues.

Trainer Rings

If you do not wear a ring on a regular basis and are uncertain of your size, we suggest that you purchase a silver 'trainer' ring in what feels like the right size and approximate width of ring you plan on purchasing from Wes & Gold and to wear this ring in your daily activities. This will give you a much better idea as to whether you need a slightly smaller or larger ring. Most jewelry stores can adjust the size of a silver ring by squeezing or stretching it.

Loose or tight?

We feel for long term, it is better to have a ring that fits more loosely rather than too tight. It's easier to dry the finger under the ring and to be able to wear it all year round. For safety's sake it is better to size a ring so that it can be taken off quickly if the need arises.

Comfortable rings

Finger size can change significantly depending on the temperature and on normal daily/seasonal body fluctuations, and a ring that is comfortable in the summer may feel too big when the weather is colder, but this need not be a problem. We can make you with a very narrow 'stacker/keeper' band which will be 3/8 to ½ size smaller than your ring. The width of this ring would be 1¼ -1½ mm. and is very inconspicuous.

Ring widths of 3-5 mm. for smaller sizes (4-7) wear more comfortably. This of course, will depend on the finger length, knuckle size and personal preference of the wearer.

Mailing the trainer

When you have decided on a ring size that is comfortable, send the trainer ring to us and your ring will be made to this exact size. It is STRONGLY advised to use a padded bag for shipping the ring.