Buyer's Guide to Wes & Gold

What to expect when placing an order at Wes & Gold — and how we recommend taking care of your rings

Not Your Usual "Shopping Site"

Starting an order is the beginning of a conversation with Wes and Christine to answer any questions you may have, collect your ring size and any other input, and ensure that the ring you have selected is one that you will love.

As each of our rings is made to our customers specifications, there is no return or refund. If we made a mistake in the production of the ring, then please return it to us and we will endeavor to make it right.

Ring Size

Since the styles of our rings in most cases cannot be resized, we encourage customers to order a slightly larger ring so that in hot weather the ring will fit. If in cooler weather it would feel too loose, then we will make a narrow keeper band that can be worn inconspicuously in front of the ring to prevent it slipping off. Just let us know.

The Order Process

Simply browse to a ring you are interested in and fill out the quick contact form. Wes and Christine will be in touch with you soon.

If you would like to make your own stacker — a set of rings worn seamlessly together — just check the option to "make this a stacker" and submit multiple forms for each ring you like.

Wes and Christine will contact you after you have submitted one of our forms. We have a few clarifying questions for you: is the ring for a special occasion such as a wedding, an engagement, a commitment, an anniversary or partnership celebration? Do you have a date by which you need the ring? We never want to disappoint you by missing your special date!

Since each ring is handcrafted for our customers, it usually takes 2-3 weeks from receipt of an order to completion.

After you receive your ring

Like their wearers, rings change over time. Certain elements of a ring may become more or less polished over time or develop different qualities — this is to be expected.

We urge our customers to regularly clean their rings. Not only will this prevent dirt buildup, it will greatly lessen the possibility of developing a rash.

We recommend taking rings off when they could become lost or damaged due to an activity, like working out at the gym. Ask about Wes's ring-mouse, necklaces, or other solutions to keep your rings safe while they are not being worn.