Handcrafted bands by Wes Glebe
You have come to the source of alternative, nontraditional titanium and gold rings for men or women. They are individually handcrafted for wedding, anniversary, commitment, partnership, friendship or promise celebrations. Some spin, most stack — all are different.

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Beautiful handcrafted bands

Custom made by Wes Glebe

"The challenge of the ancient and modern metals is to use the important characteristics of both to enhance the qualities in each."
– Wes

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This is not your typical "shopping" site.
Every band is handcrafted to our customer's specifications. That means we want to have a conversation with YOU if you're interested in ordering one of our pieces! All you have to do is fill out the very short form on any band's page and we'll be in touch — or simply give us a call at 800-494-0950!

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Wes Glebe has been making jewelry for most of his life.

At about the age of 11 he found a chunk of bronze and spent days drilling, filing and grinding it. Somehow he had obtained a small sterling eagle from a military ornament and soldered it to the top of the ring, and that was how his first ring happened.

Wes & Christine's Story


"When you get married, it's meant to be forever, and each partnering is completely unique. So, when searching and searching for wedding rings for our own upcoming wedding why did we keep seeing the same non-unique designs? Ah, yes, in every glass case, more and more soul-less wedding bands that looked machine-made. Where was the uniqueness? None of the rings I saw were mine.  None were meant for me.  I had almost given up and settled, which ironically is the very thing I would never do in a relationship. Was I going to have to settle on a ring to symbolize my marriage? I thought so until we stumbled upon the beautiful work and craftsmanship of Wes & Gold. This was it! Yes, these were our rings."